July 27, 2010

June 2006

June 18, 2006
Today we actually made some time to go visit with Nova and Su at Auntie's. He's still a skinny boy - but I'm hoping it's cause he's using all the nutrients into growing strong bones!

I took him for a short walk alone, as it seemed like a good opportunity. As it turns out it was almost painful trying to get him to go away from the pasture. He'd walk a few steps, Kaila would scream, he would immediately stop and turn to look at Kaila, I'd encourage him to continue on, and the cycle would repeat... Over, and over, and over. He did manage to walk super fast on the way home though! I will admit it was slightly frustrating, but at least we did get our walk in.

He's, well, flexible!

June 28, 2006
We brought Nova, Su and Kaila home today. They are getting their feet trimmed in a few days. Nova loaded really well. Did his passive "I would much rather not to" by standing as close to the trailer as he can get, and just waiting for a miracle to happen. Unfortunately for him the miracle never comes, and he does indeed get into the trailer. I am happy with him even though he has to play around a bit before finally loading - he hasn't been handled a lot lately, and he really hasn't been hauled all that many times. I was determined to have him get in without bribery this time, and almost resorted to getting them, but just before I asked Mom for the bucket he decided to get in. And when I say get in, I mean that he goes, "Ok, I suppose I should," and walks right up and in without a second thought. I can honestly say that I will be willing to wait him out if it means that he walks nice and relaxed into the trailer.

Unfortunately today, unloading wasn't as great as it has been up until now. Basically, he didn't unload. He was good backing up to the end of the trailer, but when he stepped down, he scared himself, and after that, refused to get out. Even when I (literally) pushed him off. He would get his back legs down, then have to shove his way back into the trailer. In the end, both Mom and I pushed him out, and kept pushing until he spun enough and dropped his front end off too. It wasn't graceful, but it did get the job done. I will practice with him again now that he's at home. I am sure some people might be wondering what the big deal is about having him back out is. In this case, he is going to grow into a large horse, and our current trailer isn't wide enough for him to be able to turn around in. And as well, I don't like how most horses unload when allowed to walk out - they hover near the edge and then do a flying leap off the back of the trailer. Either way, now that it is an issue, it is one that will be worked on until it's a non-issue.

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