July 27, 2010

July 2006

July 2, 2006
It's official... Nova has a strong dislike for bath-time. I got to perfect my 'leadline and hose dance' while attempting to get him to stand still and realize that he would not actually melt. I did get him shampoo'd up (haunches to withers) and rinsed off, but it was not the most pleasant experience ever. It is something we will have to work on.

July 3, 2006
Today was farrier-day, and Nova was a gentleman. I was happy about that, as he hasn't had his feet handled much lately, being over at my aunt's. What Nova does need work on is, patience. Both Su and him were tied up while the farrier finished up with Kaila. It was pretty obvious that Nova was bored. First, he walked around the post as far as he could go, then he bit the hook the rope was ran through, then he got the rope over his head repeatedly, then chewed on his rope, then did his best to untie him self (he succeeded once), then pawed, and in a final attempt he tried to pull Su's halter off for her. He was definitely entertaining, but he will need to learn some patience!

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