July 26, 2010

April 2006

April 23, 2006
Happy first birthday, Nova!

We went in the morning to pick him and Su up from Auntie's place. I wasn't sure how he would load given that Kaila would not be going with them, and might start calling for them - it seems that Rhythm (Mom's other mare) was enough company for her. As I think bribery has its place sometimes I had a bucket of oats with me. After Nova had sniffed the entire back of the trailer I shook the bucket and asked him to "step up". I was really happy when after a short pause, he stepped his front end in and took a bite of oats. I wasn't sure if this would then teach him to step up, then step out - a 'game' that I just hate. Thankfully Nova only gave it a passing thought, as when I gave a little tug on the lead he stepped the rest of the way in. Good boy! I am very thankful about how relaxed he is about these kinds of things. When we arrived home I backed him out of the trailer again, and he did excellent.

For his birthday celebration he got some sweetfeed and oats to munch on. We measured him again, but he's still right around 14hh. I suppose at least he hasn't shrunk!

April 24, 2006
Today's the day that Nova became a gelding! Not that he really knows what he's missing.

Some friend's of ours that live just around the corner from us, and breed Morgans, were having two colts gelded as well, so we brought Nova over there in order to save a farm call. He had never been there before, an walked into their yard without a second thought. We brought Su along as company for him on the way to and from. The vet ended up being 45 minutes late, so he got to hang around waiting for quite awhile.

After two shots to make him drowsy and a third to knock him out he did a rather ungraceful flop onto the ground. Thankfully for everyone I didn't take pictures of the occasion (to save his modesty, of course). Afterwards as he was waking up, he didn't just flail up once he thought he was awake enough. He went from flat out laying half up like they do most of the time, with his nose resting on the ground and a slightly dopey look on his face. He laid like that for awhile before finally getting the energy to stumble to his feet. He was still a bit wobbly (and of course he was on a slight hill), but soon got his feet sorted out and was fine. The walk home was slow, but he didn't seem to be too sore (yet).

April 24, 2006
Nova didn't have too much swelling this morning. I did my best to chase him around, and then just left him alone to wander around and munch grass for the rest of the afternoon. Later, after supper, we took both him and Su down to the arena to chase him around again. The arena is rather large, which makes it difficult to chase them around. (It seems you end up doing just as much running as the horses do.)

April 26, 2006
Nova was a bit more swollen today than yesterday, but still not worringly so. Instead of chasing I decided a nice walk was in order. It kept him moving steadily for abour a half an hour. We went and did 'the loop', which is around past the place he was gelded at and through that little part and then back onto the main road through the Village and then back home. We had an amazing walk - and I don't even care if it's because he's swollen, sore, and it's really hot out. I'll take the amazing days whenever, and however, they come.

April 27, 2006
Tonight I enlisted the help of my parents to help get Nova really moving around... And again, I ended up doing more running than he did. It's hard to say if the swelling went down much, but he's still walking fine and there was a little bit of discharge while he was running around.

April 28, 2006
It appears the swelling is going down now, which is a relief! This means that he can probably go back to Auntie's this weekend and back to livin' the high life on a pasture full of grass. We went for another short walk after supper.

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