September 30, 2010

September 13, 2007
With Nova being over at my aunt's for long periods of time, I obviously haven't been working with him. I can say that at the end of August when my parents hauled him back to my aunt's, without me there, I was told he behaved himself very well.

He's at home now because the farrier was supposed to come out, but had to cancel because of a commitment. So that means there at home for a few more days before we haul them back.

I decided tonight to first bring them up and give them a patience lesson - before they had their goodies, which is not really to their liking! Of course Nova wandered back and forth around the post, pawed a little (stopping when I yelled at him), eyed me pleadingly, etc before settling down. So he got his goodies while I combed out his tail. After I'd put the bridle on Su, I put it on him and let him chew away at it. He sure doesn't give up! I think one day I'm going to put the bridle on with a noseband (not too tight), and just let him chew it out for a couple hours (or however long it takes!).

After he stopped chewing long enough for me to take it off, I decided to be brave (or maybe stupid?) and get on him bareback. Mom boosted me up, and first I just bellied him for a few seconds. Then I had her boost me up all the way, and he stood very nicely. We just stood still for a minute or so - just to make sure he's okay with me up there before we went for a walk around the yard. He's got a nice walk on him! He wasn't power-walking or anything, but it was still a nice flowing walk. He didn't care that I was up there at all, and I was VERY happy with how he behaved! And at the end I even 'rode' him back to the tack room by myself. I was quite happy, considering how he knows absolutely nothing. He's one fantastic boy!

September 15, 2007
Today was so beautiful out (dare I even say, hot?), and since we probably won't have a lot more like it, I decided to make the best of it.

This meant... Arena time with the babies! So, I lunged Nova first, and he was pretty good. Having a lazy day today, compared to the last time we were there. But, he still did pretty good. We're still having slight issues on the trot-walk, but I think it won't take much to resolve it (more repetition, probably). And then, because they were there, I lunged Nova over a small 'jump'. Basically two barrels turned on their sides with a pvc pole ontop. I did work him up to this by having him trot over the pole when it was resting on one barrel and on the ground, then one end on the barrel and the other on two tires (don't ask...), then put it ontop of both barrels. He was very unconcerned about it all! Trotted over the pole the first height, then the second height, and finally had to put some effort into the last height. I won't do it, but I do think he might need even a bit more height for him to put some effort into it. I was happy though, because he was willing to go over the pole and wasn't even concerned when he smacked his legs with it a couple times.

After that very tiring (insert sarcasm here) workout, I saddled him up and hopped on! English saddle this time (may as well get him used to everything). He is so good, doesn't care at all about the saddle or the girth. I even mounted him from the ground, and he stood like a statue! I then had Matthew lead us around a bit with me 'steering' him at the same time. He walked along, very unconcerned. At the end, Mom bribed him into walking a short distance to her by using some alfalfa! Hey, whatever works, right?

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