September 30, 2010

February 29, 2008
Well, it's been over a month since my last post, but that's because nothing much has happened. Between the horrendeous temperatures for a couple weeks, and then taking a trip, I haven't had time to work with Nova. Not that he minds, I'm sure!

So today was (what I hope) day number 1 of my start to spring work/handling schedule with him. I really want to start spending some time with him and hopefully get him ready for some shows this year (halter classes first, then possibly an undersaddle class [that would be the best senario]).

When I went out to call them in today, they were all hanging out in the back, and Nova walked over to me all by himself. Awwwh, he remembered that I'm good for goodies! (Haha) So brought him up, brushed him (forgot to pick his feet out, ooops), and bridled him. He was not fond of taking the bit, so I do have to work on that (possibly putting something sweet on it for him). And of course he chewed on it.

Tacked up Kaila, and then went and grabbed Nova and off we went. He started off as he typically does... Trying to jog ahead, and throwing his head up and did attempt to bite my boot a time or two. But thankfully, he did settle down, and did relatively well for the majority of the ride. We had those magical moments where he walked along perfectly with his head by my knee, nice and relaxed (while still chewing on the bit).

He did chew the bit for the majority of the ride, but by the end had pretty much given up - thankfully!! When we reached the end of the driveway I reached over and took off his bridle, because he'd been really good about not chewing it for a few minutes.

After the ride I tied him up to hang out while I untacked Kaila, then brought him over and gave him his goodies. While he was eating I brushed out his mane and tail (with Cowboy Magic - love that stuff), and then put his tail in a tailbag. Which I hope stays on for longer than just today - I hate the ones with the snaps!

And lastly I did a bit of trotting on lead across the yard with him. He does really well with that, so I don't have to do much work with him. It's more the getting him to stand the way I want him too, which is the problem.

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